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At a recent UNICO National Convention in Cambridge, Maryland the following communication was brought to the attention of the Anti-Bias Committee of UNICO National:

“The National Education Association (NEA) is encouraging its members to urge their school districts to celebrate the 2nd Monday of October as El Dia de la Raza and Indigenous People’s Day.”

As you know the 2nd Monday of October is Columbus Day, and when we asked the NEA contact person, Daniel Robles of California, why the 2nd Monday of October was chosen he stated, “Thank you for contacting me. This date is already celebrated by many nations in the Americas as El Dia de la Raza and Indigenous People’s Day. It is the way Columbus Day is celebrated in many lands in the Americas.”  Our response was, “…but not in the United States of America.”

It appears to us that NEA chose this date in order to diminish the accomplishments and the impact Columbus’ voyages had on the world. We therefore wish to hear from UNICO Members that are currently teaching or retired from the teaching profession, especially if they are or were members of the NEA. Their input is very important in addressing this issue. 

We would need their names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses in order help us meet and address this issue with the NEA National President.

The following was submitted at the NEA business meeting by 50 delegates.